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Benchmark is a part of the AT&T Partner Exchange program and we are able to provide the 5G network backbone in order to provide services to our business and enterprise customers. Through this partnership, we will have the strength of the AT&T network to provide high-quality solutions to help move your business forward.

The Wireless WAN solution from Benchmark and ATT can help your business stay connected, reduce installation, and enable data transmission and transaction processing from almost anywhere.

Conduct business from just about anywhere. Wireless WAN from Benchmark can help you get there.


How we do it?


  • Diverse, cost-effective backup for data applications
  • Quick deployment for temporary, new or remote locations
  • Consistent network connectivity
  • Primary connectivity where wireline connections are not feasible

With AT&T, we can provide wider coverage, exceptional call clarity, a faster network, and rely on their secure network to provide end to end wireless and mobility solutions to your business.

  • Extends existing wireline infrastructure into mobility network
  • Allows flexibility in network design and security needs
  • Provides back up & redundancy to wireline network connections
  • Allows priority access to critical applications

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