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by benchmarkcorp


Categories: Insights, News

by benchmarkcorp


Benchmark CEO Announces Move to Tampa Bay.


Tampa, Florida – July 9, 2023- Benchmark Technology Corporation, a growing managed services provider (MSP) and communications company, announced today the relocation and expansion of its corporate headquarters to a new office in Tampa, Florida to advance the operations and growth of the company.

“We are excited with our move from Atlanta to Tampa, here we are allowed to grow our company in a rapidly-growing key market for us, while working in a community that has a growing population, a highly-talented pool of IT contractors and potential employees, and a city that is looking to grow and position itself as a large player in the information technology arena, which is all key to the growth of Benchmark,” said Chief Executive Officer, Ken Anderson. “Moving into these new spaces is further validation of our great products, people, and potential, and it will ensure the company is best positioned to continue delivering the highest quality services to our target markets.”

Benchmark worked closely with the City of Tampa, Hillsborough County, the Tampa Bay Economic Development Council, the State of Florida and several other organizations to help Benchmark make the move to Tampa.


The company will now occupy 2,500 square feet of space at its corporate center located near Westshore and also a 3,100 square foot warehouse and lab space located in Temple Terrace.

“We plan to utilize the new corporate space for continuing our product development initiatives, as well as expanding our sales and marketing efforts,” said Ken Anderson. “We will be locating our mrk Hardware Division, Broadlink Communications as well as SimpliSmart Home Services to Tampa.”

Benchmark will be working to secure a second office location in Atlanta to serve as the secondary headquarters for SimpliSmart and Broadlink Communications Network Operation Center.

“We plan to hire 100+ over the next six years and currently we have grown our local staff to 25 here in the Tampa Bay area,” says Ken Anderson as well.

Benchmark finally plans to move key executive staff to Tampa over the next year as the company continues to grow forward.

Benchmark specializes in information technology hardware and software development, home technology, and communications services. For more information, please contact Benchmark Public Relations at


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