Company History

A brief look into the company we call Benchmark.

Date Event
December 2003 Ken Anderson, Benchmark’s CEO, was approached by a high school technology instructor about using his skill to start a business.
January 2004 Benchmark Founded as TechSTAR
March 2004 TechSTAR is incorporated and moved its offices from Ken’s mothers shed to downtown Hawkinsville
July 2004 TechSTAR has repaired its 300th computer
January 2005 TechSTAR begins buyout of All Access Computers and reincorporates as Benchmark Computer Corporation
May 2005 Benchmark introduces the PowerMARK Workstation
August 2005 Benchmark introduces its first website.  Mostly text, it served as a portal for customers for support and call information.
2006 Benchmark sells its 250th PowerMARK and designs its first website for the City of Vienna Georgia.
2007 Benchmark started working with Allen and Associates, where Benchmark worked to develop its financial services software called ClientCentral.
March 2008 Benchmark moves into the Allen and Associates Building.
May 2008 Benchmark employee count is at 10, and we have repaired our 1,000th computer.
August 2008 Benchmark opens office in Jacksonville, Florida
January 2009 Benchmark celebrates five years.  Introduces the new Mark Pro server and workstation to phase out the PowerMARK line.
May 2009 Benchmark opens its first Atlanta, Georgia office.
July 2009 Benchmark purchases The PC Center of Hawkinsville
August 2009 Benchmark expands to Charlotte, North Carolina.  Builds our first VOIP phone system called UniCom. Benchmark sells its 150th Mark Pro.
Benchmark employee count expands to 23.
2010 Benchmark closes its retail store and moves its Atlanta, Georgia headquarters to Macon, Georgia.
2011 Benchmark Computer Corporation becomes Benchmark Development Company
March 2011 Benchmark Development Company introduces 24 hour IT Help Desk Services
2012 Benchmark merges all offices to Macon.  Benchmark employee count reduces to 15, meanwhile introducing ClientCentral, Mark Pro (revised versions), and upgraded website.
November 2015 Benchmark acquires Global Technologies and introduces ProStorage NAS
August 2016 Benchmark Founded as TechSTAR
December 2016 Benchmark acquires MDR
January 2017 Benchmark consolidates operations to Atlanta