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WorkCentre for your Business

Do business the fastest way possible.

Organizations are seeing what WorkCentre can do for their businesses. Employees love them, we support them, and they are designed to fit your budget.

Why WorkCentre?

Benchmark WorkCentre workstations are the reliable, innovative workstations for those who do more. From architects, product designers, financial traders, medical and research professionals, to software designers and engineers, Benchmark creates workstations for those who push technology to its limits, achieve great feats, and leave their mark on the world around them. Like all Work or Pro-branded products, our workstations boast innovation and design excellence while delivering quiet, reliable, and powerful solutions for your work environment.

Powerful enough for all of your tasks

The new Mark Pro series comes in a minitower and two midtowers which pack a big punch. Web design, app development, file management, and so much more has become easier with the Mark Pro. Now standard with six core AMD A8 Series processors, two Super Speed USB ports, and dual DVI. You can also customize the models with up to 128 GB of memory and up to 10 TB of storage.

When effeciency counts

With the WorkCentre M series, Benchmark strengthens its award-winning workstation platform with the latest generation of high-performance AMD® Opteron® processors - offering unmatched multicore processing efficiency - combined with powerful graphics from NVIDIA. And with faster memory performance and transfer rates, our workstations empower professionals to do more - fast. Also, they’re now more energy-efficient than ever and are made with up to 65 percent recycled materials, making them eco-friendly as well as professional.

Bringing back operating choice

Now your Mark Pro comes with the option to be preinstalled with Windows 10 or Ubuntu Linux OS. With Ubuntu, you open a new window of opportunities, scailability, and reliability. Ubuntu will, over time, bring down your total cost of ownership and is really easy to setup and use.


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